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Frequently Ask Questions:

When giving dimensions of my pallet which measurements should give first?
When we discuss pallet dimension we always start with the length of the pallet
which is the 2x4 and then we add the width of the pallet which is the deck
board. So a 48x40 pallet would have a 2x4 with a 48” length and the 1x4’s on
the decking would measure 40”. 

Do you sell used pallets? What sizes do they come in?
Are there different grades of used pallets? We definitely sell used pallets.
The standard used pallet is a 48” x 40” 4-way. Most other sizes we disassemble, recycle, or grind up.
These used pallets basically come in 2 grades. To learn more about these pallet grades
visit our page on repaired and remanufactured pallets.  

I need a block pallet, a Euro style block pallet, or a Costco approved pallet?
Can The Pallet Center, Inc build these types of pallets? Block pallets are a type of
pallet with blocks between the pallet decks instead of a 2x4. Euro pallets are
block pallets that have standardized specifications. Costco has a standard
block spec that they require for all vendors that ship to their store. We can
build any style of block pallets. 

Can The Pallet Center, Inc provide me a pallet certified for export?

We are certified on a monthly basis by Timber Products Inspection
to operate and run this program. We definitely can provide pallets that are
heat-treated and ISMP-15 certified for export to any country around the globe. 

What is a custom pallet?
As you surf the internet looking for the size you need, you may find that
certain sizes are more common than others. If your shipment requires a size
that you cannot find, a custom made pallet may be for you. Our custom made pallets
do not require a mold to be made and can be configured to your specific
requirements. We can make light weight small and large pallets and also heavier
duty pallets and skids that can last for years. There is no minimum requirement
as to quantity for an order. 

Why cant I buy pallets directly from your website?
We firmly believe that customer safety is of utmost importance. We insist on
talking to each customer or potential customer to ensure that the correct
pallet will be used for the project at hand.  

What is dynamic load?
The dynamic load of a pallet is how much weight you can place onto the pallet
and still move it with a fork truck or pallet jack without damaging the

What is static load?
The static load of a pallet is how much weight you can place onto the pallet
without it being moved. As this is confusing, here is an example. A pallet has
a static load rating of 20,000 lbs. You will place the pallet on the floor and
be able to load up to 20,000 lbs of whatever onto the pallet without damaging
the pallet. The pallet never moves. If you need to move the pallet, you will
need to remove weight until you get the dynamic capacity of that pallet. This
also deals with stacking pallets one on top of another. For example, you can
stack 4 pallets that have 5,000 lbs on them and that would equal your 20,000
lbs static capacity. 

How do I know what pallet is right for me?

Excellent question! Believe it or not, there is an extensive amount of knowledge tied to the use of pallets.
We can't stress enough how very important it is that we speak about different elements that do take place
to determine the best fit for you, your company, and your project.

What size?
How much weight does it need to hold? What are you using the pallet for? How
are you moving the pallet? And many many more questions. By talking to you, we
can narrow down what pallet that is right for you and how you will be using it.

The inevitable legalities
Ultimately the choice is yours of which pallet you purchase.
We will guide you on the information that you give us but due to the endless variety of
possible uses for these items, customers should carefully consider the fitness and application
performance for each intended use. This includes load factors, equipment compatibility and the
like. The customer is solely responsible for each and assumes all risks in
connection with determination and use.

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